Rémi Prévost

Rémi Prévost (ray · me · pray · voh) is Director, Web Development at Mirego in Quebec City, Canada. He enjoys writing code (Elixir & JavaScript) that powers beautiful applications and helping teams build awesome products.

He describes himself as a sandwich connoisseur, a future brown dog owner, a good music lover, an Ultimate player, a Vim user, an Ethereum enthusiast, a Green Bay Packers fan and a Wikipedia addict.

He shrinks his thoughts into few characters on , is mostly inactive on and LinkedIn, shares some code he writes on GitHub and photos he shoots on Instagram or Unsplash. He also uploads his presentations on Speaker Deck and tries to get all references made on Reddit. He also listens to awesome music on Spotify, tracks it on and drops knowledge about it on Genius. He’s part of the team behind the defunct OpenCode.

He can be reached at and you can, if you need to, encrypt messages for him using his Keybase key.

Also, [some television reference].